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۱٫ADAM5 — ۵th Scandinavian Symposium on Amyloid Diseases and Amyloid Mechanisms
 Dates ۲۹ Sep 2014 → ۰۲ Oct 2014
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 Location Umeå, Sweden
 Abstract Reviewing the current state of understanding of the structural mechanisms of amyloid formation, the molecular and cellular mechanisms of amyloid cytotoxicity and the role of amyloid formation in numerous amyloid-related degenerative diseases. These topics will be addressed together with reviewing the preventive measures against amyloid formation and the applications of amyloid structures in diagnostics of diseases. Stimulating more active networking in amyloid research in Scandinavia.
 Topics Amyloid structure and pathways of amyloid formation, Regulation of amyloid formation and amyloid disaggregation, Molecular and cellular mechanisms of amyloid cytotoxicity, Mechanisms of amyloid diseases: relating preclinical and clinical studies. Implications for treatment of amyloid diseases, Biodiagnostics of amyloid diseases, Novel methodologies to study amyloid phenomenon.
 Weblink http://www.adam5.se
 Contact Istvan Horvath , Department of Medicinal Biochemistry and Biophysics , Umeå University; Phone: []; Email: istvan.horvath@medchem.umu.se
 Related subject(s) Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, Toxicology; Molecular Biology
۲٫EMBO Workshop — Development and regeneration of the spinal cord
 Dates ۰۱ Oct 2014 → ۰۴ Oct 2014
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 Location Sitges, Spain
 Topics Neuroscience, Development
 Weblink http://www.embo.org/events
 COMS online registration https://www.conference-service.com/w14-50/welcome.cgi
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۳٫LCSB Symposium — ۴۵th Annual Conference of the German Society for Genetics & the 2nd International Parkinson’s Disease Symposium
 Dates ۰۱ Oct 2014 → ۰۴ Oct 2014
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 Location Munsbach, Luxembourg
 Abstract The two events will bring together over 200 guests, including worldwide distinguished academics in the field of neurosciences, from top universities and institutes such as CalTech, Oxford, the University of Edinburgh or the Max Planck Institute, just to name a few. The main objective of the both events is to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of neuroscience and neurology to exchange about state-of-the-art research and technologies. Topics are based on fundamental research in the fields of neurogenetics and systems biology to bridge towards clinical translation for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, epilepsy and autism In addition, a workshop on molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease will be held in between the two conferences. This event will showcase the “PD map”, a freely accessible knowledge depository describing the molecular mechanisms of PD as molecular networks.
 Topics Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, systems biology, genetics, neurogenetics, neurosciencem
 Weblink http://neuroconference2014.uni.lu/
 Contact Email: ruxandra.soare@uni.lu
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۴٫ataxiaAC14 — Ataxia UK Annual Conference
 Dates ۰۳ Oct 2014 → ۰۴ Oct 2014
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 Location Heathrow, United Kingdom
 Weblink http://www.ataxia.org.uk/events.php/76/annual-conference-2014
 COMS online registration https://www.conference-service.com/ataxiaAC14/welcome.cgi
۵٫Clinical Applications of the Organic Acids Test (OAT) Workshops — Clinical Applications of the Organic Acids Test (OAT) Workshops
 Start date ۰۴ Oct 2014
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 Location Seattle, United States
 Abstract Dr. Kurt Woeller will be presenting on the various clinical applications of this important test, including case studies and best practices. Participants will learn how to analyze and interpret markers on the Organic Acid Test and receive a practical road map for evidence-based treatment protocols.
 Topics organic acids, vitamin levels, fatty acids, oxalates, neurochemical imbalances, clostridia, yeast
 Weblink http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/home/eng/OATworkshop.asp
 Contact Trisha Breckenridge ; Phone: [ x 159]; Email: tbreckenridge@gpl4u.com
 Related subject(s) Biology
۶٫Spasticity Management Across the Lifespan: Pediatric and Adult Symposium
 Start date ۱۰ Oct 2014
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 Location BEACHWOOD, United States
 Abstract The symposium will highlight strategies to assess and manage spasticity, and to enhance function and quality of life in individuals suffering from the consequences of spasticity. The topics will cover management options (rehabilitation, devices, medical and surgical treatments) across neurological conditions that cause spasticity, and throughout the patient’s lifetime. A combination of didactic presentations, case discussions, and breakout sessions, will be used to illustrate the complexity of decision making and outcome measurement. Interaction between the audience and faculty will be encouraged throughout the symposium. An emphasis will be placed on information that can be applied in clinical practice, including recent advances.
 Topics Neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, pediatricians, primary care physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, spasticity
 Weblink http://www.ccfcme.org/spasticity14
 Contact Monét Smith ; Phone: []; Email: smithm8@ccf.org
 Related subject(s) Pediatrics; Nursing
۷٫EANS 2014 — EANS 15th European Congress of Neurosurgery 2014
 Dates ۱۲ Oct 2014 → ۱۷ Oct 2014
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 Location Prague, Czech Republic
 Abstract Join over 2000 Neurosurgeons in the beautiful city of Prague for an unparalleled EANS educational forum where you will benefit and learn about the newest developments, innovative techniques, and advanced practices in neurosurgery.
 Topics brain tumor, neurosurgery, spine surgery, hydrocepahalus
 Weblink http://www.eans2014.com/
 Contact Merle Friedman , Kenes International, Switzerland; Phone: []; Email: eans@kenes.com
 Related subject(s) Surgery
۸٫۱۰th International Congress of the INA
 Dates ۱۴ Oct 2014 → ۱۶ Oct 2014
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 Location Jerusalem, Israel
 Abstract INA congresses have been held around the world in diverse cities, always being a high-point in new developments in clinical and research knowledge. Neuropsychiatry just a few decades ago was considered an esoteric borderland between neurology and psychiatry.
 Topics Neurology Psychiatry Alzheimer’s Electroencephalography Magnetoencephalography Psychiatric Illnesses.
 Weblink http://www.ina2015.com/#!contact/c1myy
 Contact Sarah Hillel ; Phone: []; Email: ina2015@target-conferences.com
 Related subject(s) Psychiatry; Neuroradiology
۹٫MCS2014 — The First Menactrims Congress
 Dates ۱۷ Oct 2014 → ۱۸ Oct 2014
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 Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
 Abstract The congress is a landmark for the establishment of the MENACTRIMS in the region that aims at providing a forum of excellence in MS education and research at an international level. Building on the collective efforts of the scientific committee, the ample meeting will deliver state-of-the-art lectures on MS by renowned international and regional keynote speakers. MS therapy has entered a new horizon with the latest advances in MS Pathogenesis that leads to new innovative approaches to MS therapy. The content of the meeting includes state-of-the-art information on the latest treatments, research, models of care, epidemiology, genetics, and much more.
 Topics Describe the latest advances in MS pathogenesis, explain the role of genetic and environmental factors in MS Pathogenesis Diagnosis of MS and related disorder, identify the main predictors of disease progression, current and emerging MRI techniques in diagnosing and monitoring disease activity, emerging therapies for MS and related disorders and treatment strategies in Multiple Sclerosis.
 Weblink http://www.menactrims.com
 Contact DiaEdu Management Consultancy ; Phone: []; Email: bkadara@diaedu.com
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general); Psychiatry
۱۰٫۲۷th ECNP Congress – the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology
 Dates ۱۸ Oct 2014 → ۲۱ Oct 2014
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 Location Berlin, Germany
 Weblink http://www.ecnp.eu/Congress2014/ECNP Congress.aspx
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
۱۱٫EMBO Workshop — Epigenetic plasticity: Implications in neural (dys)function
 Dates ۲۲ Oct 2014 → ۲۵ Oct 2014
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 Location Braga, Portugal
 Topics Chromatin & Transcription, Neuroscience
 Weblink http://www.embo.org/events
 COMS online registration https://www.conference-service.com/w14-42/welcome.cgi
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۱۲٫WSC 2014 — ۹th World Stroke Congress
 Dates ۲۲ Oct 2014 → ۲۵ Oct 2014
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 Location Istanbul, Turkey
 Abstract As the premier forum on stroke policy, WSC 2014 will present the latest research and techniques in treating and preventing stroke. Renowned experts along with the best and brightest young clinicians will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information and lay the groundwork for future collaborations.
 Topics stroke, stroke policy, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurosurgery, internal medicine
 Weblink http://www.worldstrokecongress.com/
 Contact Vanessa Fisher; Phone: []; Email: stroke@kenes.com
۱۳٫Autism Today
 Dates ۲۳ Oct 2014 → ۲۴ Oct 2014
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 Location Manchester, United Kingdom
 Abstract This major two day CPD certified conference will present an excellent opportunity for all professionals working with individuals with ASD from the fields of both healthcare and education, to update and extend their knowledge and skills.
 Topics autism, ASD, epilepsy, psychosis, diet
 Weblink http://www.mahealthcareevents.co.uk/autismwinter2014
 Contact Email: conferences@markallengroup.com
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general); Psychiatry
۱۴٫APRC 2014 — ۱۷th Asia Pacific Regional Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International
 Dates ۰۷ Nov 2014 → ۰۹ Nov 2014
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 Location New Delhi, India
 Abstract This conference “Emerging challenges of dementia in the Asia Pacific Region” is being organised to bring together medical professionals, care providers, nursing and paramedical professionals; social and health organisations; and governmental agencies to deliberate on issues related to risk factors, preventive strategies, advocacy and policies for better facilities for diagnosis and care.
 Topics APRC, APADI, Alzheimer India, Geriatrics India, Psychiatry Conference, ARDSI conference, neurology
 Weblink http://www.aprc2014-india.com
 Contact Arpit Sharma; Phone: [()]; Email: aprc2014@mci-group.com
 Related subject(s) Geriatrics; Nursing
۱۵٫Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital’s 35th Annual Neurorehabilitation Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke and Other Neurologic Disorders
 Dates ۰۸ Nov 2014 → ۰۹ Nov 2014
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 Location Cambridge, United States
 Weblink http://braintreerehabhospital.com
۱۶٫ESF | EMBO Symposium — Flies, worms and robots: Combining perspectives on minibrains and behaviour
 Dates ۰۸ Nov 2014 → ۱۳ Nov 2014
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 Location Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
 Topics Neuroscience
 Weblink http://www.embo.org/events
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology; Applied Maths: Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
۱۷٫Global Addiction Conference
 Dates ۱۰ Nov 2014 → ۱۲ Nov 2014
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 Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Weblink http://www.globaladdiction.org/rio-introduction.php
 Related subject(s) Psychiatry
۱۸٫Shaping the Developing Brain: Prenatal through Early Childhood – Fifth Annual Aspen Brain Forum
 Dates ۱۱ Nov 2014 → ۱۳ Nov 2014
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 Location New York, United States
 Weblink http://www.nyas.org/developingbrain
۱۹٫NASS 2014 — North American Spine Society 29th Annual Meeting
 Dates ۱۲ Nov 2014 → ۱۵ Nov 2014
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 Location San Francisco, United States
 Abstract Join your colleagues in San Francisco for the 29th Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS). This is a must-attend meeting for all Spine Care Professionals, featuring hands-on and instructional courses, symposia, and sessions that showcase a broad range of education based on your needs and interests.
 Topics Spine Surgery, Medical/Interventional spine care, physical rehabilitation, medical devices, trade show
 Weblink http://www.nassannualmeeting.org
 Contact Email: nasseducation@spine.org
 Related subject(s) Orthopaedics; Surgery
۲۰٫CSTransNeuro — Cell Symposia: Translational Neuroscience; Bridging the Gap Between Basic Research Discoveries and Clinical Applications
 Dates ۱۳ Nov 2014 → ۱۴ Nov 2014
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 Location Arlington, United States
 Abstract Diseases of the nervous system have a devastating impact on millions of people worldwide. The range of disorders affecting the brain and nervous system is vast and includes neurodegenerative disorders (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS), cognitive mood and anxiety disorders (such as schizophrenia, dementia, depression, anxiety, and PTSD), neurodevelopmental disorders (such as autism), chronic conditions (such as epilepsy and pain), and disorders of and hearing, as well as brain injuries such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. The costs associated with brain disorders, both in terms of resources required for healthcare and the toll that they exact on patients and their families, are steep, and there is an urgent need for new therapeutic approaches. The last decades have brought much progress in terms of the mechanistic underpinnings of neurological diseases at the molecular, cellular, and circuit levels, but translating these discoveries into therapies remains a critical challenge. This symposium will focus on the question of how we can move from an understanding of disease mechanisms towards translation into therapeutics. Using case studies drawn from different disease areas, we will highlight areas where progress has been made, consider the roadblocks and how we might overcome them, and, moving beyond the lab, we will address how policy and organizational issues impact these scientific efforts.
 Topics neuroscience, disease, nervous systems, brain, neurodegenerative, alzheimers, parkinsons, anxiety, schizophrenia, dementia, depression, PTSD, neurodevelopment, autism, epilepsy, pain, hearing, stroke, spinal injury, molecular, cellular,
 Weblink http://www.cell-symposia-translationalneuroscience.com/
 Contact Email: A.Mccormac@elsevier.com
 Related subject(s) Biology
۲۱٫۹th Brain Research Conference – Neuroprotection: Basic mechanisms and translational potential
 Dates ۱۳ Nov 2014 → ۱۴ Nov 2014
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 Location Arlington, United States
 Weblink http://www.brainresearchconference.com/index.html
۲۲٫۲۰۱۴ NEI Psychopharmacology Congress
 Dates ۱۳ Nov 2014 → ۱۶ Nov 2014
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 Location Colorado Springs, United States
 Weblink http://www.neiglobal.com/go/congress
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development; Psychiatry
۲۳٫۲۰۱۴ ESIR Expert Course: Stroke Intervention
 Dates ۱۴ Nov 2014 → ۱۵ Nov 2014
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 Location The Hague, Netherlands
 Weblink http://www.cirse.org/index.php?pid=927
 Related subject(s) Neuroradiology
۲۴٫with Anatomical Specimens — AOCMF Course: Advances on Surgical Approaches to the Orbit and Skull Base
 Dates ۱۴ Nov 2014 → ۱۵ Nov 2014
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 Location Maribor, Slovenia
 Weblink http://aocmf2.aofoundation.org/eventdetails.aspx?id=786&from=PG_COURSEDIRECTORY
۲۵٫Society for Neuroscience 2014 Annual Meeting
 Dates ۱۵ Nov 2014 → ۱۹ Nov 2014
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 Location Washington D.C., United States
 Weblink http://www.sfn.org/annual-meeting/past-and-future-annual-meetings
۲۶٫۶th International LSN congress
 Dates ۲۱ Nov 2014 → ۲۳ Nov 2014
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 Location Beirut, Lebanon
 Weblink http://www.lsneuro.org
 Contact Lilian Imad , Lebanese Neurology Society ; Phone: []; Email: lsneurology@hotmail.com
۲۷٫NMDPD 2014 — ۱۰th International Congress on Non-Motor Dysfunctions in Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders
 Dates ۰۴ Dec 2014 → ۰۷ Dec 2014
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 Location Nice, France
 Abstract NMDPD 2014 is a leading annual educational forum offering a unique opportunity to deliberate on brain diseases and how they contribute to cognitive decline, and to identify the specific psychological markers, biochemical and genetic factors of Parkinson’s dementia and of dementia with Lewy bodies. Join your colleagues and discover the latest developments in our understanding of non motor aspects of the basal ganglia, pathological abnormalities related to PD and the genetic mutations resulting in movement disorders.
 Topics Parkinson Disease, Dementia, Lewy Bodies, Neurology, Neuroscience, Internal and Geriatric Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology
 Weblink http://www.kenes.com/nmdpd
 Contact Ronit Eisenbach, Kenes International; Phone: []; Email: nmdpd@kenes.com
۲۸٫North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) 18th Annual Meeting
 Dates ۱۱ Dec 2014 → ۱۴ Dec 2014
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 Location Las Vegas, United States
 Weblink http://www.neuromodulation.org
۲۹٫AONeuro Course - Neurotrauma
 Dates ۱۶ Dec 2014 → ۱۸ Dec 2014
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 Location Davos Platz, Switzerland
 Weblink https://aocmf2.aofoundation.org/eventdetails.aspx?id=813&from=pg_coursedirectory
۳۰٫Keystone Symposia: Neuroinflammation in Diseases of the Central Nervous System
 Dates ۲۵ Jan 2015 → ۳۰ Jan 2015
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 Location Taos, NM, United States
 Abstract Neuroinflammation, the response of the central nervous system (CNS) to disturbed homeostasis, typifies all neurological diseases, from primary-inflammatory; to developmental; traumatic; ischemic; neoplastic; and neurodegenerative. This meeting will be the first Keystone Symposia meeting on neuroinflammation and will be the first to bring together the many communities of disease-focused neuroscientists and immunologists with an interest in the CNS. This nascent field needs a committed, interactive community and this Keystone Symposia conference promises to play a key role.
 Topics neurobiology, inflammation, immunology, neurodegenerative disease
 Weblink http://www.keystonesymposia.org/15A5
 Contact Attendee Services; Phone: [ or ]; Email: info@keystonesymposia.org
۳۱٫۱st International Brain Stimulation Conference
 Dates ۰۲ Mar 2015 → ۰۴ Mar 2015
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 Location Singapore, Singapore
 Abstract Brain stimulation methods are new approaches to research how the brain works and to treat diseases. In many ways the field of brain stimulation is a new paradigm shift, replacing the prominent neuropsychopharmacological paradigm of the past three decades. Currently there are single theme meetings around the world that are either technique or profession based. This international meeting, organized by Elsevier and sponsored by and integrated with the journal Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation, will be the first ever brain stimulation meeting with integration of all of the various techniques and subspecialties involved in this exciting field.
 Weblink http://www.brainstimconference.com/
۳۲٫WSPC 2015 — ۱۶th World Congress of Pain Clinicians
 Dates ۰۵ Mar 2015 → ۰۷ Mar 2015
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 Location Miami Beach, United States
 Abstract WSPC 2015 will attract some of the world’s top pain experts. By focusing on participant-friendly educational activities together with hands-on courses, WSPC 2015 will facilitate an important discussion regarding interventional techniques for pain management.
 Topics Pain, palliative, opioid, anesthesia, anaesthesia, intensive care, Acupuncture, acupressure, Epiduroscopy, pidural adhesiolysis, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Osteoporoses, kyphoplasty, pain medicine, migraine, neuropathic pain
 Weblink http://www.kenes.com/wspc
 Contact Vanessa Fisher ; Phone: []; Email: wspc@kenes.com
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry
۳۳٫Keystone Symposia: Optogenetics
 Dates ۱۲ Mar 2015 → ۱۶ Mar 2015
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 Location Denver, CO, United States
 Abstract This meeting brings together a broad range of researchers developing and using optogenetic probes with researchers developing related technologies. Specific goals include to: 1) Present the latest innovative new genetically-encoded tools and technologies for manipulating biological systems with light; 2) Promote exchange between those developing light-responsive probes and developers of related tools (e.g., biosensors, hardware) that will maximize the power of optogenetics; and 3) Foster the exchange of ideas between optogenetic tool developers and users.
 Topics genetics, genomics, neuroscience, neurobiology
 Weblink http://www.keystonesymposia.org/15C5
 Contact Attendee Services; Phone: [ or ]; Email: info@keystonesymposia.org
 Related subject(s) Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, Toxicology; Genomics and Bioinformatics
۳۴٫Gordon Research Conference — Dendrites: Molecules, Structure and Function 2015
 Dates ۱۵ Mar 2015 → ۲۰ Mar 2015
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 Location Ventura, United States
 Abstract Dendrites play a central role in neuronal information processing by integrating thousands of synaptic inputs to generate a meaningful action potential output. Recent advances in molecular, electrophysiological and in vivo imaging techniques have led to a rapid enhancement in our understanding of the mechanisms that shape dendritic structure, function and connectivity. Such multifaceted approaches have further demonstrated the extent to which dendrite structure and function may undergo plastic changes that contribute to development, learning and neurodegenerative disease. This Gordon conference will bring together researchers whose latest findings help clarify how the molecular and cellular properties of dendrites enable them to perform complex computations important for sensory processing and higher cognitive function. The conference will be of interest to researchers and students in neuroscience, as well as to anyone interested in normal and abnormal brain function.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=13542
۳۵٫Keystone Symposia: Pathways of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
 Dates ۱۶ Mar 2015 → ۲۰ Mar 2015
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 Location Tahoe City, CA, United States
 Abstract The goal of this conference is to stimulate new treatments and biomarkers to assess treatments in neurodevelopmental disorders and to stimulate early intervention with prophylactic and targeted treatments. This conference is innovative because it pulls together basic science and translational clinical trials. By going from bench to bedside and mixing clinicians with molecular and neurobiologists we stimulate new ideas for treatment that will be beneficial across the spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders.
 Topics neurobiology, neurodegenerative diseases, development, neurodevelopmental disorders
 Weblink http://www.keystonesymposia.org/15C8
 Contact Attendee Services; Phone: [ or ]; Email: info@keystonesymposia.org
 Related subject(s) Biology; Molecular Biology
۳۶٫AD/PD 2015 — The 12th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
 Dates ۱۸ Mar 2015 → ۲۲ Mar 2015
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 Location Nice, France
 Abstract AD/PD will build on its well-earned reputation for unravelling the mechanisms and improving the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other related neurodegenerative diseases.
 Topics Degenerative Disorders, Movement disorder, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s , dementia, lewy bodies, lobar degeneration, huntington’s
 Weblink http://www.kenes.com/adpd
 Contact Rachel Zablow Katzir Kenes International 1-3, Rue du Chantepoulet; P.O. Box 1726 CH-1211 Geneva 1, Switzerland; Phone: []; Email: adpd@kenes.com
۳۷٫International Ataxia Research Conference
 Dates ۲۵ Mar 2015 → ۲۸ Mar 2015
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 Location Old Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
 Weblink http://www.ataxia.org.uk/events.php
 COMS online registration https://www.conference-service.com/ARC-2015/welcome.cgi
۳۸٫۱۷th International Neuroscience Winters Conference
 Dates ۰۷ Apr 2015 → ۱۱ Apr 2015
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 Location Soelden, Austria
 Abstract This conference has been established as a high-quality meeting on contemporary neuroscience in the past years. For the 17th conference we aim at topping previous programs by inviting most distinguished neuroscientists as keynote speakers and select high-quality symposia.
 Weblink http://www.winterneuroscience.org/2015
 Related subject(s) Applied Maths: Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
۳۹٫ECNR – The Pierre Lasjaunias Course in Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional, 12th Cycle, 2nd Course, Brain Tumors
 Dates ۰۸ Apr 2015 → ۱۳ Apr 2015
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 Location Athens, Greece
 Weblink http://www.esnr.org/en/ecnr-12th-cycle-2nd-course/
 Related subject(s) Neuroradiology
۴۰٫ADI 2015 — ۳۰th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International
 Dates ۱۵ Apr 2015 → ۱۸ Apr 2015
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 Location Perth, Australia
 Weblink http://www.alzint.org
 Contact Email: adi2015@mci-group.com
 Related subject(s) Psychiatry; Medicine (in general)
۴۱٫AACNS 2015 — The 14th Asian Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgeons
 Dates ۱۵ Apr 2015 → ۱۸ Apr 2015
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 Location Jeju, South Korea
 Abstract The four-day congress will feature an exciting line-up of expert speakers including top practitioners, opinion leaders and researchers. Delegates can look forward to an intensive knowledge-sharing event comprising plenary sessions, oral presentations and video screenings. There will be a host of networking opportunities for delegates to rub shoulders with top experts and opinion leaders.
 Topics Glial tumors, metastatic tumors, Spinal cord tumors, spinal column tumors, Tumors of peripheral nerves, Medulloblastoma, Craniopharyngioma, sellar lesions, Acoustic tumors, Skull-base lesions, Pediatric low-grade gliomas, Germ-cell tumors, Moder imaging techniques, Chemotherapy for brain and spinal cord tumors, Radiotherapy, Proton Beam debate, Neurofibromatosis, CNS neoplasms
 Weblink http://aacns2015.com/
 Contact Gabriel Heng ; Phone: [+65 295 6984]; Email: info@aacns2015.com
 Related subject(s) Oncology; Surgery
۴۲٫ESO Conference 2015 — The European Stroke Organization Conference 2015
 Dates ۱۷ Apr 2015 → ۱۹ Apr 2015
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 Location Glasgow, United Kingdom
 Abstract The aim of the European Stroke Organisation is to provide medical education to healthcare professionals and the public of Europe, reducing the incidence and impact of stroke by changing the ways that stroke is viewed and treated.
 Topics Stroke, ischemia, cerebrovascular disorder, cerebrovascular attack, brain attack, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, ischaemic stroke, haemorrhagic stroke
 Contact Keren Shurkin , Kenes International; Phone: []; Email: esoc@kenes.com
۴۳٫۴۱٫ Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Neuropaediatrie und 12. Fortbildungsakademie
 Dates ۲۳ Apr 2015 → ۲۶ Apr 2015
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 Location Basel, Switzerland
 Weblink http://www.neuropaediatrie-congress.de
 Related subject(s) Pediatrics
۴۴٫ISCoS and Asia 2015 — The 4th ISCoS and ASIA Joint Scientific Meeting 2015
 Dates ۱۴ May 2015 → ۱۶ May 2015
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 Location Montreal, Canada
 Abstract The 4th ISCoS and ASIA Joint Scientific Meeting 2015 will take place at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada.
 Topics ISCoS, ISCoS 2015, ASIA, ASIA 2015, ISCoS / ASIA 2015, Spine, Spinal Cord Injury, Spine Surgery, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Participation/QoL, Clinical Trials, Endocrinopathy in SCI, Non-traumatic SCI, Exoskeletons/Robotics, Urology/Sex/Fertility, Activity Dependant Rehab, Immunological Factors, Respiratory Care/Issues, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Surgical Treatment
 Weblink http://www.iscosasia2015.org/
 Contact Organising Secretariat Contendam Ltd 26-28 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7HA; Phone: []; Email: info@iscosasia2015.org
 Related subject(s) Surgery; Orthopaedics
۴۵٫IHC 2015 — ۱۷th Congress of the International Headache Society
 Dates ۱۴ May 2015 → ۱۷ May 2015
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 Location Valencia, Spain
 Abstract Join your colleagues at beautiful Valencia for the 17th Congress of the International Headache Society (IHC 2015) and benefit from an unparalleled educational forum, where you will learn about the newest developments, and innovative techniques in reducing the pain and suffering caused by headaches.
 Topics Migraine, persistent headache, Clinical Trial Methodology, Cluster Headache and Other Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias, Drug Therapy of Other Headaches, Epidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Refractory Headache, Genetics and Biomarkers of Headache Disorders,
 Weblink http://www.ihc2015.com
 Contact Joanne Katz , Kenes International, Switzerland; Phone: []; Email: ihc@kenes.com
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry
۴۶٫NeuPSIG2015 — ۵th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain
 Dates ۱۴ May 2015 → ۱۷ May 2015
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 Location Nice, France
 Abstract NeuPSIG 2015 is an international forum that provides the latest research and developments in understanding the mechanisms, assessment, prevention and treatment of neuropathic pain.
 Topics neuropathic pain, neuropathy, pain management, microgial, opioids
 Weblink http://www.kenes.com/neuropathic
 Contact Raya Van Hugten , Kenes International, Switzerland; Phone: []; Email: neuropathic@kenes.com
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry
۴۷٫EPNS 2015 – 11th European Pediatric Neurology Society Congress
 Dates ۲۶ May 2015 → ۳۰ May 2015
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 Location Vienna, Austria
 Weblink http://www.epns2015.org
 Related subject(s) Pediatrics
۴۸٫Gordon Research Conference — CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders 2015
 Dates ۳۱ May 2015 → ۰۵ Jun 2015
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 Location Lucca, Italy
 Abstract Trinucleotide CAG expansion mutations cause a number of progressive neurodegenerative disorders including Huntington’s disease (HD), the spinocerebellar ataxias (SCAs) 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 17, and spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA). These diseases are thought to primarily result from aberrant protein gain-of-function effects, although the recent discovery of antisense transcripts at several of these loci and a new appreciation for the complexity of gene expression and epigenetic changes across the genome has raised additional possibilities. The Gordon Conference on CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders and the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) will bring together scientists from around the world to discuss cutting-edge research on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of these disorders and the various therapeutic strategies which are being developed to combat them.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=12982
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۴۹٫Gordon Research Conference — Neurotrophic Factors 2015
 Dates ۳۱ May 2015 → ۰۵ Jun 2015
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 Location Newport, United States
 Abstract Neurotrophic factors play essential roles in the developing and mature nervous system. While Nerve growth factor (NGF) was the first neurotrophic factor when it was identified more than 50 years ago, a large set of related and unrelated extracellular proteins are now known to exert neurotrophic effects in the developing and mature nervous system. The roles of neurotrophic factors include regulation of cell proliferation, survival, differentiation, migration, axon and dendrite growth, synaptic plasticity and the interactions of neuronal and glial cells. As a result, neurotrophic factors affect complex behaviors including feeding, anxiety, depression and learning, and aberrations in the activities of neurotrophic factors have been implicated in multiple neurologic and psychiatric disorders. The Neurotrophic Factors Gordon Conference provides a great opportunity to learn of recent advances in this broad field, and enhances collaborations among scientists and students. The meeting will feature work on diverse neurotrophic factors and their roles in neurogenesis, neuronal migration, survival, plasticity, behavior and diseases, including disorders of neural development such as autism and epilepsy and degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and peripheral neuropathies. Emphasis will be placed on the most recent developments.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=12404
 Related subject(s) Biology
۵۰٫۵th IDKD Intensive Course in China: Diseases of the Brain, Head, Neck and Spine
 Dates ۰۶ Jun 2015 → ۰۸ Jun 2015
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 Location Beijing, China
 Weblink http://www.idkd.org/cms/Public/Documents/China2015Flyer.pdf
 Related subject(s) Neuroradiology
۵۱٫International Neuromodulation Society 12th World Congress
 Dates ۰۶ Jun 2015 → ۱۱ Jun 2015
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 Location Montreal, Canada
 Abstract The International Neuromodulation Society 12th World Congress will take place in Montreal, Canada on June 6 – ۱۱, ۲۰۱۵٫  We have chosen the title “Neuromodulation: Medicine Evolving Through Technology,” to emphasize our field’s transformative force on the treatment of disease states – how it is approached now and will be approached in the not too distant future. We see almost daily reports in the mainstream media of innovation in the area of neuromodulation treating not only pain, but many conditions of the cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, urological and other systems.  This meeting will mark an important time for our field.
 Weblink http://www.neuromodulation.com/inscongress
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry
۵۲٫Gordon Research Conference — Excitatory Synapses & Brain Function 2015
 Dates ۰۷ Jun 2015 → ۱۲ Jun 2015
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 Location Newport, United States
 Abstract Perhaps no other structure is more fundamental to our understanding of the brain than the synapse. In the central nervous system, excitatory synapses represent the primary source of information communication between neurons, whether for local interactions within circuits or for linking discrete regions of the brain. One of the most extraordinary properties of excitatory synapses is the ability to under activity-dependent long-lasting changes in synaptic strength, providing the most compelling cellular model for learning and memory. Synapses also serve as the site of action for many commonly prescribed medications and synaptic disruption contributes to many neurological and psychiatric disorders. These include schizophrenia, autism, depression, substance abuse and addiction, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke and epilepsy. In some cases, synaptic dysfunction is causal in disease, whereas in other cases it represents the downstream sequelae of one or more underlying molecular defects. In either case, a fundamental understanding of the formation, structure, molecular organization, signaling function, and plasticity of synapses is essential to achieving progress in lessening the burden of human neurological disease and for predicting and improving mental health.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=12681
۵۳٫EMRI Course: Central Nervous System I
 Dates ۰۸ Jun 2015 → ۱۲ Jun 2015
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 Location London, United Kingdom
 Weblink http://www.emricourse.org/cns1_2015.html
 Related subject(s) Neuroradiology
۵۴٫Continuing Education Cruise Conference — Neurology and Pain Management Cruise to France and Spain June 2015
 Dates ۱۳ Jun 2015 → ۲۰ Jun 2015
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 Location Southampton, United Kingdom
 Organizer Continuing Education Inc.
 Weblink http://www.continuingeducation.net/schedule.php
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry
۵۵٫EMBO | EMBL Symposium — Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
 Dates ۱۴ Jun 2015 → ۱۶ Jun 2015
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 Location Heidelberg, Germany
 Topics Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine
 Weblink http://www.embo.org/events
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۵۶٫EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration
 Dates ۱۴ Jun 2015 → ۱۷ Jun 2015
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 Location Heidelberg, Germany
 Abstract Neurodegenerative diseases represent a major challenge for today’s society in terms of the large and rapidly increasing number of the population that are afflicted and the general lack of effective treatments. The emphasis of this symposium will be on the genetic, cellular and molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Prion disease. The meeting will cover the major mechanisms linked to neurodegeneration and highlight the similarities and differences between the diseases. A strong emphasis will be placed on the development of targeted drug therapies and potential treatment options.
 Topics Neurons, Genetics, Biology, Molecular Biology, Disease, Neurodegeneration, Cell Biology, Treatment
 Weblink http://www.embo-embl-symposia.org/symposia/2015/EES15-03/index.html
 Related subject(s) Biology; Molecular Biology
۵۷٫Gordon Research Conference — Infections of the Nervous System: Pathogenesis and Worldwide Impact 2015
 Dates ۱۴ Jun 2015 → ۱۹ Jun 2015
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 Location Hong Kong, China
 Abstract In comparison to studies on infections of the nervous system in western societies, studies on diseases of such nature in the developing world have been neglected. This is paradoxical as neurotropic pathogens are frequent in the developing world and contribute significantly to human suffering and disease burden. Moreover living with neurological handicap and/or cognitive dysfunction will have a significant impact on socio-economic development. As the central nervous system is usually not the primary target site of infection, a window of opportunity exists to interfere with pathogen spreading. The Gordon Research Conference on “Infections of the nervous system” will advance knowledge in the field and promote exchanges between medical research centers in resource-rich and -poor regions. The format of GRC (community-based, small audience, focus on unpublished material) is ideal to create a multidisciplinary dialogue that will involve both clinicians and scientists studying disease mechanisms and host genetics, the molecular make-up of neurotropic infectious agents, and the innate and adaptive immune response to neurotropic pathogens. In addition, groups working on developing new technologies for diagnosis and prognosis will be included. This new series will bring together renowned clinicians and scientists, who investigate clinical disease manifestations and the molecular mechanisms underlying worldwide infections of the nervous system in humans. This will foster collaborations to accelerate/expand investigations and use new technologies allowing fast development of diagnostic/prognostic tools and pioneering drug discoveries.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=15869
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general)
۵۸٫۳۴٫ Jahrestagung der Sektion Kindertraumatologie in der DGU
 Dates ۱۹ Jun 2015 → ۲۰ Jun 2015
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 Location Koblenz, Germany
 Weblink http://www.intercongress.de
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general); Pediatrics
۵۹٫Gordon Research Conference — Modulation of Neural Circuits & Behavior 2015
 Dates ۲۱ Jun 2015 → ۲۶ Jun 2015
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 Location Hong Kong, China
 Abstract An essential function of the nervous system is to generate optimal behavioral responses to diverse environmental cues. Experience can profoundly modulate this process by modifying the properties of the underlying neural circuits. With prolonged activity, sensory inputs can also shape the development of neural circuits to produce adaptation. An ever-increasing number of neuromodulators, including monoamines, peptides and growth factors, act on neural networks to regulate a wide range of behavioral and physiological traits, including emotion, sleep, motivation, as well as learning and memory. A mechanistic understanding of neuromodulation faces two fundamental challenges: first, how are sensory signals transduced into specific and time-dependent release of neuromodulators; second, how are neurons organized into circuits that release or respond to neuromodulators? Neuromodulation, while essential to nervous system function, has been significantly more difficult to study than classical neurotransmission. However, in the past decade, several advances have led to dramatic progress. These advances include the mapping of neuromodulatory circuits, physiological analysis of circuit dynamics, theoretical modeling of circuit properties, and interrogation of circuit function using genetic methods. More recently, stunning technological advances in imaging and light-controlled neural excitation have enabled high resolution studies of specific neural circuits. These interdisciplinary efforts have led to rapid progress in our understanding of how neural circuits are modulated to generate adaptive behaviors. This new conference will bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines and model systems, all with an eye on the common goal of understanding neuromodulation. By design, this conference will foster cross-disciplinary collaborations that will help drive the next breakthroughs in our understanding of neuromodulatory control of behavior. The meeting will cover research and technical developments in both invertebrate and vertebrate model systems, as well as draw in expertise in modeling and imaging. Our goal is to organize a dynamic conference that will highlight the exciting advances in neuromodulation and attract new talent and energy to this rapidly developing field. The neuroscience research in Asia has grown tremendously in the past few years and many scholars in China and Japan have made remarkable contributions to our understanding of neural circuits. Thus, this Gordon Research Conference will be held in Hong Kong, a central meeting point that reflects the global efforts to understand neuromodulation.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=16914
۶۰٫BRAIN, BRAIN PET2015 — ۲۷th International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and Function and 12th International Conference on Quantification of brain function with PET
 Dates ۲۷ Jun 2015 → ۳۰ Jun 2015
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 Location Vancouver, Canada
 Abstract Brain2015 will debate, discuss and analyze research in brain protection and neurodegeneration, and will advance understanding of brain function under physiological and pathological conditions.
 Topics Cerebral blood flow, biomarkers, brain edema, neuroimaging, stroke, hyperemia, ischemia, brain mapping, stroke
 Weblink http://brain.kenes.com/
 Contact Charlotte Boskila c/o Kenes International ; Phone: []; Email: brain@kenes.com?
۶۱٫Gordon Research Conference — Parkinson’s Disease: Emerging Research in the Etiology and Pathogenesis of a Complex Disease 2015
 Dates ۲۸ Jun 2015 → ۰۳ Jul 2015
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 Location New London, United States
 Abstract Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common motor disorder. Over the past fifteen years, the discovery of disease-causing mutations in a growing number of genes has accelerated the pace of our understanding of disease mechanisms. Simultaneous discoveries in cell biology and immunological processes are rapidly providing insights into the processes that lead to this disease. This creates an exciting series of challenges and opportunities to be addressed by discussion and exchange of ideas. There has to our knowledge never been a basic research conference devoted to Parkinson’s, and this conference will bring together investigators with diverse scientific backgrounds who share an interest in the cellular mechanisms that produce PD and its related disorders. The specific content of the Conference will evolve as our understanding of PD evolves. For the first Conference, topics will include: The normal function of PD-related genes; The cellular response to toxic protein aggregates; Endoplasmic reticulum stress; Proteasomal and autophagic processes; Neuroimmune pathways; and Prion-like aggregate pathogenesis.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=16890
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general)
۶۲٫Continuing Education Cruise Conference — Primary Care: Neurology Update 2015 July 2015
 Dates ۱۵ Jul 2015 → ۲۷ Jul 2015
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 Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Organizer Continuing Education Inc.
 Weblink http://www.continuingeducation.net/schedule.php
۶۳٫Gordon Research Conference — Neural Crest & Cranial Placodes 2015
 Dates ۱۹ Jul 2015 → ۲۴ Jul 2015
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 Location Waltham, United States
 Abstract Neural crest cells and cranial sensory placodes are of central importance to the development and evolution of vertebrates, and are also of high clinical significance. This conference is designed to facilitate shared insights among attendees and fuel further advances in our understanding of the mechanisms governing the formation, behavior and differentiation of these two cell populations, as well as to catalyze the application of this knowledge to the field of regenerative medicine. The central goals of the conference are to accelerate the exchange of information across different model systems, to promote technological innovations in the field, and to further a genome and proteome scale understanding of the mechanisms that govern the development of neural crest cells and cranial sensory placodes. Both neural crest cells and cranial placode cells make extensive contributions to embryonic structures, and defects in their development underlie a broad range of congenital disorders. Neural crest cells display stem cell attributes, and neural crest-derived cells persist as stem cells into adulthood; studies of these cells provide broad insights into stem cell biology. Moreover, neural crest cells undergo migratory and invasive behavior driven by core EMT regulatory factors, and understanding how their behavior is regulated provides insights into the related invasive behavior of metastatic tumor cells. Cranial placode cells play important roles in the development of cranial sensory structures; mutations in genes that regulate their development lead to human syndromes with severe sensory deficits and dysregulated cell cycle control in numerous cancers. The conference will bring together a diverse group of scientists in a collegial atmosphere that fosters substantive discussions and promotes collaborative interactions between basic and clinical scientists in this important area of biomedical research.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=15828
۶۴٫Gordon Research Conference — Amygdala in Health and Disease 2015
 Dates ۰۲ Aug 2015 → ۰۷ Aug 2015
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 Location Easton, United States
 Abstract The amygdala, a temporal lobe structure that forms part of the limbic system, plays a key role in emotional processing. Its relevance to fear and anxiety in animals has been well known since the classic experiments of Kluver and Bucy, who made mid-temporal lesions in monkeys and found profound effects on the emotional and social behaviour of these animals. Focus on studies of the amygdala expanded greatly when its role in fear conditioning was established. Fear conditioning is a simple Pavlovian conditioning task in which a neutral stimulus is contingently paired with an aversive stimulus. The simple nature of this learning task, and the readily measured physiological changes that accompany it, have made the study of fear conditioning a very attractive target for the study of learning and memory consolidation. As the neural circuitry that underlies fear conditioning is simple and appears to be preserved between species, it presents an accessible model for the study of learning and memory formation in the mammalian nervous system. Because of the physiological similarities between animal and human fear, fear conditioning is seen as relevant to the genesis of anxiety disorders in humans. Moreover, recent research indicates that changes in amygdala function may contribute more generally to pathological forms of emotional learning such as drug addiction. Functional magnetic resonance imaging in humans has clearly established the role of the amygdala in emotional processing. Interest in amygdala function has therefore attracted growing interest in both animal and human experiments using both simple behavioural tests and functional imaging. This Conference focuses on research investigating the role of the amygdala in the formation of emotional memories, both normal and pathological.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=13511
۶۵٫Gordon Research Conference — Cerebellum 2015
 Dates ۰۹ Aug 2015 → ۱۴ Aug 2015
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 Location Lewiston, United States
 Abstract The Gordon Research Conference on the Cerebellum will bring together scientists studying the cerebellum at all levels of analysis, with a goal of fostering dialogue among people engaged in different subfields of cerebellar research. The scientific program has been designed to provide a venue for anatomists, electrophysiologists, developmental biologists, and behavioral neuroscientists, and other researchers with interest in the cerebellum to communicate their latest work to one another. Scientific sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including cerebellar development, human cerebellar function, sensorimotor integration, cerebellar connections to the inferior olive and basal ganglia, emerging technologies to study the cerebellum, cerebellar anatomy, synaptic and circuit mechanisms, and the cerebellum in autism, dystonia, and ataxia. Speakers include senior and junior researchers from all over the world, and the meeting will provide opportunities for scientists of diverse backgrounds and career stages to interact and discuss their hypotheses and discoveries with all other attendees, from leading cerebellar scientists to promising trainees. In addition to the thematic sessions, poster sessions will provide opportunities for attendees to present their work, and a subset of submitted abstracts will be selected to permit graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows to give short talks. The Conference promises to generate a lively and collegial exchange of ideas, cultivate meaningful collaborations, and ultimately lead to a better understanding of the cerebellum in health and disease.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=14906
۶۶٫Gordon Research Conference — Inhibition in the CNS 2015
 Dates ۱۶ Aug 2015 → ۲۱ Aug 2015
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 Location Lewiston, United States
 Abstract Inhibitory control of neural circuits is critical to the function of the central nervous system and represents a major target for therapeutics. The 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Inhibition in the CNS will present cutting edge research on molecular, synaptic and circuit-level mechanisms of inhibition, with the goal of facilitating in-depth discussions and collaborations between investigators to advance knowledge in the field. The program will feature prominent investigators that explore fundamental aspects of inhibitory neural function at all levels. Scientific sessions will cover topics including regulation of inhibitory synaptic transmission and plasticity, the role of GABA in developing circuits as well as the development of inhibitory synapses and interneuron diversity, inhibition in intact circuits, and GABAA receptors as drug targets. The meeting will offer a collegial atmosphere with substantial time for interactions among scientists and trainees during the multiple poster sessions and informal gatherings. Some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. The conference promotes opportunities for junior scientists to present research and interact with leaders in the field. The preceding Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) will make this meeting particularly attractive for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, providing a forum for oral and poster presentations that will prepare junior scientists for the subsequent GRC. The conference promises high-quality and cutting-edge scientific sessions, a lively and collegial exchange of ideas, and a deeper understanding of fundamental mechanisms of inhibition in brain function.
 Weblink http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=13334
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۶۷٫ISN-APSN in conjunction with ANS 2015 — International Society for Neurochemistry Asian-Pacific Society for Neurochemistry 25th Biennial Joint Meeting in conjunction with the Australasian Neuroscience Society
 Dates ۲۳ Aug 2015 → ۲۷ Aug 2015
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 Location Cairns, Australia
 Abstract The ISN-APSN in conjunction with ANS 2015 biennial meeting promises to be an exciting scientific meeting, providing an opportunity to engage with the best researchers in cellular and molecular neuroscience in a stunning environment.
 Topics neurochemistry, neuroscience, cellular neuroscience, molecular neuroscience, neurotransmitter, psychopharmaceutical, neurotransmission
 Weblink http://www.neurochemistry.org/biennial-meeting/isn-2015-biennial-meeting.html
 Contact Ronit Eisenbach , Kenes International; Phone: []; Email: isn2015@kenes.com
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
۶۸٫EMRI Course Central Nervous System II
 Dates ۰۴ Sep 2015 → ۰۸ Sep 2015
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 Location Dubrovnik, Croatia
 Weblink http://www.emricourse.org/cns2_2015.html
 Related subject(s) Neuroradiology
۶۹٫International Congress of the International Neuropsychiatric Association
 Dates ۱۴ Oct 2015 → ۱۶ Oct 2015
[ID=649536] Go to top of page
 Location Jerusalem, Israel
 Weblink http://www.ina2015.com/
 Related subject(s) Psychiatry
۷۰٫Society for Neuroscience 2015 Annual Meeting
 Dates ۱۷ Oct 2015 → ۲۱ Oct 2015
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 Location Chicago, United States
 Abstract Neuroscience 2015 is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. Join more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries at the world’s largest marketplace of ideas and tools for global neuroscience.
 Weblink http://www.sfn.org/annual-meeting/past-and-future-annual-meetings
۷۱٫WCN 2015 — XXII World Congress of Neurology
 Dates ۳۱ Oct 2015 → ۰۵ Nov 2015
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 Location Santiago, Chile
 Abstract The XXII World Congress of Neurology will unite top international neurologists. Featuring several tracks on various neurological disorders, WCN 2015 will be one of the world’s prime events on neurology.
 Topics Neurology, parkinson’s, epilepsy, stroke, movement disorder, headache, neurorehabilitation, autonomic nervous system, ANS, central nervous system, CNS, neuropathy, neurotoxin, neuroimaging, neuromuscular, dementia, neuroradiology, multiple sclerosis, MS, demyelinating disease
 Weblink http://www.wcn-neurology.com/
 Contact Rene Chait , Kenes International ; Phone: []; Email: wcn@kenes.com
۷۲٫Society for Neuroscience 2016 Annual Meeting
 Dates ۱۲ Nov 2016 → ۱۶ Nov 2016
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 Location San Diego, United States
 Abstract Neuroscience 2016 is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. Join more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries at the world’s largest marketplace of ideas and tools for global neuroscience.
 Weblink http://www.sfn.org/annual-meeting/past-and-future-annual-meetings
۷۳٫International Neuromodulation Society 13th World Congress
 Dates ۲۷ May 2017 → ۰۱ Jun 2017
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 Location Edinburgh, United Kingdom
 Abstract We have chosen the title “Neuromodulation: Medicine Evolving Through Technology,” to emphasize our field’s transformative force on the treatment of disease states – how it is approached now and will be approached in the not too distant future. We see almost daily reports in the mainstream media of innovation in the area of neuromodulation treating not only pain, but many conditions of the cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, urological and other systems.  This meeting will mark an important time for our field.
 Weblink http://www.neuromodulation.com/inscongress
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry
۷۴٫Society for Neuroscience 2017 Annual Meeting
 Dates ۱۱ Nov 2017 → ۱۵ Nov 2017
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 Location Washington D.C., United States
 Abstract Neuroscience 2017 is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. Join more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries at the world’s largest marketplace of ideas and tools for global neuroscience.
 Weblink http://www.sfn.org/annual-meeting/past-and-future-annual-meetings
۷۵٫Society for Neuroscience 2018 Annual Meeting
 Dates ۰۳ Nov 2018 → ۰۷ Nov 2018
[ID=646898] Go to top of page
 Location San Diego, United States
 Abstract Neuroscience 2018 is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. Join more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries at the world’s largest marketplace of ideas and tools for global neuroscience.
 Weblink http://www.sfn.org/annual-meeting/past-and-future-annual-meetings

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