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فیلمها و تصاویر آموزشی



کانال ما در آپارات:

  • Annotated image/video quality/eyetracking databases (Stefan Winkler, curator)
  • Barcelona Calibrated Images Database (C. Alejandro Párraga, curator)
  • Brainard Lab Hyperspectral Image Data
  • Bristol Hyperspectral Images Database (Hosted at Computer Vision Centre, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
  • Calibrated Natural Images (mirror) (Adriana Olmos, McGill, curator)
  • Computer Vision Image Databases (Mark Maimone, curator)
  • CVonline Image Database
  • Faces Database (Heinrich H. Buelthoff, curator)
  • Face gender stimuli (James A. Bednar, curator)
  • Face Recognition Database Collection (Heinrich H. Buelthoff, curator)
  • Hyperspectral Images of Natural Scenes (David Foster, curator)
  • Hyperspectral Images of Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts (David Foster, curator)
  • ImageNet image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy
  • IPL Calibrated Color Image Database (Jesus Malo, curator)
  • LIVE Image and Video Database (Al Bovik, Curator)
  • Natural image database (Geisler and Perry, curators)
  • PRINTART database Database of artistic images of prints of well known paintings
  • Rhesus monkey foveal retina sections (Max Snodderly, curator)
  • SCIEN Hyperspectral Image Data (Joyce Farrell, curator)
  • See & Grasp: A Visual Haptic Data Set
  • Stereoscopic image database
  • SUN Database
  • UPenn Natural Image Database
  • UB KinFace Database University of Buffalo
  • UQ_VIDEO Database of videos (Heng Tao Shen, Curator)
  • USC-SIPI Image Database
  • Van Hateren’s Natural Image Database
  • viperlib.com Library of images related to perception
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